Primus – Workshop

Upon completing graduate school, my colleague, Ben Greenberg, and I found ourselves having no access to a workshop. Several months were spent debating how we could solve this issue. With the lack of a shop, we weren’t able to chase our desire to make. Our solution was to build out a space in an old barn. Because we both have dabbled in both wood and metal working, we wanted to have a dual work space. We documented our process along the way and have compiled videos of the construction of Primus, our first project post-graduation.

Day 1 – Cleaning the space and prepping for work.

Day 2 – Attaching the air barrier to the existing structure.

Day 3 – Framing!

Day 4 – Due to hardware issues…no video for this day. Electrical work.

Day 5 – Insulation begins.

Day 6 – Wrap up insulation and begin drywall.

Day 7 – Continue drywall…

Day 8 – Wrap up drywall and fabricate the new interior door.

There are several videos of progress yet to be uploaded. The workshop is slated to be finished in Summer of 2014.


Software: Rhino 4

Materials: Plastic, Wood, Steel, Fiberglass, Gypsum, and various others.