Bed Sled v1.0

Being a farrier is a back-breaking occupation. To ease some of the strain, Cronin Farrier Services contracted me and Ben Greenberg to fabricate what came to be known as the bed sled. The Bed Sled is essentially a truck bed drawer that stores materials and equipment while not in use. The design came with several constraints: depth of space, strength of sled at extension, and removability. The depth of the bed was to remain a shallow 19″ due to the existing tonneau cover and the client didn’t want to have a large shell attached to the truck. In order to achieve a shallow depth, a digital model was created to assist with squeezing the components down. Next, the bed needed to support a substantial amount of weight due to the fact that it would be holding all the equipment and when rolled out it becomes a work table. Deep steel sections and durable components were fabricated to assist with this. The last hurdle was the removability. We chose to use a compression type connection to squeeze the sled into the bed and prevent movement.
The final product was installed for the start of the 2014 season. Pictures to follow.


Software: Rhino 5
Materials: Steel, steel, and more steel.