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Paul M Reynolds, AIA, CSI

Architect. Maker. Builder.

Hello! My name is Paul Reynolds and [maybe] like you, I enjoy making things. I recently (October 2015) jumped over to HAUS to fill a role as an architect. My time there thus far has been filled with excitement, fun, and growth.

My first three years out of school were spent learning as a Graduate Architect and then Associate at CSO Architects. The first two years I was an onsite representative down at Camp Atterbury. Through construction adminstration and observation, I assisted in the completion of the $52 million project. After wrapping up the project, I returned to the office where I was a handy man, jumping around to help out with production on various projects, as well as helping the office transfer from AutoCAD to Revit, assisting those who are learning Revit and troubleshooting issues. I also led small training discussions within the office to help teach Revit.

In my free time, I am building a workshop, traveling, and fabricating several small projects. I have a side business, Project South Design Company, LLC, which is a venture I hope to someday forge into a design-build enterprise in the Indianapolis area. I have a fiery passion for making good things. I believe that good design should be available to everyone at every scale, whether it be your furniture, car, house, or place of work. Here is a copy of my current resume if you’re interested in that sort of thing, or if you would rather look at pictures, dive on into some of the projects I have posted (you should probably check out the latest work as I post frequently on social).

I am not your typical architect. I have dabbled in many different things. I can do the usual Revit, AutoCAD, Rhino, and Sketchup…but I have also done some: glass blowing, carpentry, MIG welding & metal working, basic automobile restoration, computer building, product design, graphic work in Creative Suite, rendering in vray & lumion3D, tree felling with an axe, and beard growing. Not enough to remember me? I am a twin and there is another set and a half of twins in siblings, I like the smell of skunks, and I’ve been to Cuba.

So maybe some of those won’t help you but if something on that list caught your eye and you’d like to chat, feel free to drop me a line.